Silicone Lying Face Pillow Massage Pillow SPA X-7

Silicone Lying Face Pillow Massage Pillow SPA X-7
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Product Description

This is a high-tech product. It is very soft in the range of 35 degrees to 200 degrees . It has good oil resistance , ozone resistance, resistance to weathering, waterproof, The moisture-proof, shock-proof, and has a non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive properties. It is dedicated to beauty SPA Bed and massage tables.

Item No. X-7

Product Name: Silicone Lying Face Pillow

Type: FLAT

Material: Filler for silicone gel, outside the film (not tear)

Size: "*" Package:1pc. /bag

Note: The outer layer of film can not be torn, after each use, wipe with saline Never use corrosive cleaning products,

Applications: Used in Acupuncture Clinic, Hospital, pharmacy, massage, SPA.

Shipping: By FedEx.