Herb-Bath Salt FINE HF003F1

Herb-Bath Salt FINE HF003F1
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Product Description

Package: Plastic bags, paper bags outside

Wight: 22.1LBS(10KG) each bag

Ingredients: salt.

Color: HF003F1 Purple , HF003F2 Rosy , HF003F3 White, HF003F4 Yellow , HF003F5 Green , HF003F6 Blue.

Flavor: HF003F1 Lavender(Purple) , HF003F2 Rose (Rosy), HF003F3 Milk (White), HF003F4 Ginger(Yellow) , HF003F5 Lemon (Green) , HF003F6 Mint (Blue).

Sea Salt Bath Instructions: 1, Fill up your bathtub with warm water at a comfortable temperature prior to immersing yourself in the water. Take a teaspoon on the body, began to massage 2-10 minute.