FIT-SLIM/Slimming Belt D-22

FIT-SLIM/Slimming Belt D-22
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Product Description

High performance slimming belt is a newly designed product combining with point physical therapy theory and exercise science. It has functions of slimming, toxin eliminating, massaging. If reasonable dining and exercise combined, you will gain the result of slimming and health without any side effect. Functions Slimming-overweight or obesity is a common phenomenon.

Overweight and obesity cause heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, even cancer. Traditional diet limits the calorie in the food, but this way not only reduces the fat level, but also weakens muscles. Protein (The mean component of muscle) was decomposed and utilized as energy supply to our body. Traditional diet might reduce the body weight, but cannot reduce the proportion of fat level.

High performance slimming belt stimulates the acu-points that will help losing weight, it can break down the fat layer and gain the result of slimming without any side effect. Toxin Eliminating- Toxin is harmful to human health, it can penetrate into human body through pollution, skin contacting, deviant dining, or stress. Stress will result in constipation, or astriction, which accumulate toxin in your body. Toxin eliminating affects immunity system as well as health. High performance slimming belt will stimulate guan-yuan point, so as to promote the excretion of toxin and absorb or nutrition.

Massaging- massage is one of the most traditional treatment methods, which can eliminate muscle paralysis and leg spasm. It can also promote blood circulation. Blood circulation system delivers blood to each organ, lymph system delivers toxin and waste to lymph ocyte for filtration, then, the blood will take them away from your body. High performance slimming belt can stimulate the two systems and promote blood circulation, lymph circulation through spiral operation.

Operating procedure

1.Put the belt around the waist, abdomen area, arm, or leg, and adjust the tightness of the belt with the viscose strap until you feel comfortable.

2.Plug the AC adapter into a power supply and input the DC end to the inlet of the control panel.

3.Press power to start up the unit

4.Press reversar to select spiral vibration.

6.Press intensity to select the function from weak to strong. Precautions:

This unit is designed to be used by healthy adults; however, the following precautions should be taken when using the unit:

1.Please select the speed of the belt according to your physical status and adjust the tightness of the belt with the viscose strap until you feel comfortable.

2.Please put your clothes on when using the unit, avoid some side effect.

3.The automatic treatment procedure is 10 minutes, you can select program as you please. We recommend not use over 20 minutes on the same part of your body.

4.Avoid use within one hour before or after meal.

5.if you have never exercised before, pregnant, recently had

surgery, or suffer from any significant illness, including epilepsy, hemophilia, diabetes, cancer, heart disorders, neuromuscular disorders and more, you should not conduct any exercise routines, including this unit, unless under the written direction of your physician.

6.Please stop use if you feel uneasy.

7.Avoid application near humidity or fire.

8.The automatic over heating protection device will start to stop the belt, incase of over heating caused by long time usage, please take a rest for a while and restart from next session.

9.Stop use if the wire, plug, or adaptor is damaged.

10.Do not open up or repair the belt by yourself or any non-professionals.

11.Do not hit the unit with heavy articles or pressure.

12.This unit is intended to be used to massage and exercise your lower abdominal muscles and your back. Do not apply the belt to your eyes, face, the side or front of your neck or your genitals, or scars, cracked, irritated or infected skin areas, on injuries or areas with limited movement, or metal implants.